What we do

We help you understand, plan, solve and manage complex business problems. 


Your organization has lots of data and information.  Critical decisions today needs to involve many stakeholders.  The interdependencies inside and outside the organization make it difficult for any one person (and much more difficult for a group) to “see the whole picture”.

  • We build visual simulation and analytical models to help you see the entire business problem.
  • We use advanced mathematic and scientific tools to solve the analytical elements.
  • We help you communicate the decisions to the stakeholders to gain buy-in and bring sustained changes.



Our work has been applied to:

•    Capital Planning
•    Revenue Projections
•    Location Analysis
•    Supply Chain Planning
•    Customer Analytics
•    Workforce Planning
•    Scenario Planning
•    Performance Management
•    Organizational Operating Model Design
•    Enterprise Collaboration
•    Shared Services Cost Management
•    Scheduling Optimization
•    Negotiations & Contracts
•    Training and Development

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